OPREDELITEL Installation Guide

1. Installation.
To install the program you need the RAR archiver, right-click on the archive with the program and select “extract to”.

After that, go to the created folder, there you will see the application of the program that you want to run.
Attention! You must have the latest version of Java x86 x64 installed on your PC.

2. Authorization in the program

After starting the application, you must enter the Email and the individual code that you received in the Email after the order. Fill in the data and click “Login”.

3. Set time and time zone

After a successful login, go to the “Settings” section and select your time zone, so the time of the matches will be the same as the time in your time zone. Save your settings.

4. Choosing a sport and downloading matches 

Select the desired date. At the moment, forecasts are available for +12 days in advance. Choose your desired sport. Tennis is available only for the current and next day. Click “Get events” to get predictions.

5  Loaded event filter
After loading events, you can apply filters and sort events.
Sort by match start time Sort by highest total Sort by lowest total

Also, by ticking the “Only unfinished events” item you leave only active matches in the table, in which the final score is still unknown.

6.  Detailed data for each event.

A second click on the event will open a window with detailed statistics on the match.
The detailed output presents the following data set:
Data on the event
Effectiveness (total / home / guests) for the last 10 matches
Series of teams

If there is a “Judge Info” tab, you can view the match referee details, such as: name, number of games, yellow and red card details.
Predictions for matches and ratings are based only on statistics, disregarding odds, which gives an advantage over the line and the ability to successfully implement various betting strategies.

Betting Strategy Tips

We strongly recommend using conservative money management. We highly recommend not risking more than 5% of the bank at each single rate and more than 10% per event and risking more than 100% of capital for one current session (meaning the percentage of current non-calculated rates).

To select matches for bets, we recommend using the “By Highest Total” filters so you can find matches with the highest expected number of goals. We recommend betting Total Total More on such matches.

Every day we make predictions for the program using the built-in match selection filters. The results of the forecasts and the work of the program are available in the Statistics section of the forecasts by the program Opredelitel

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